Dr. Larisa G Reifman, MD
Dr. Larisa G Reifman, MD

Dr. Larisa G Reifman, MD

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Internal Medicine  in  Georgia ,  Lawrenceville
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Primary specialty Internal Medicine
State License: Georgia

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Primary location  
Weight Reduction and Control Center

365 West Pike Street
Georgia (GA),

(770) 962-8284


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Residency Hospitals

Albert Einstein Med Center
Fulton Co Med Exam Off

Insurances Accepted

1   Aetna
2   United Health Care
3   BCBS
4   Cigna
5   Medicaid
6   Wellpoint
7   Medicare
8   Coventry
9   Medical Mutual of Ohio
10   Amerigoup

Affiliated Hospitals

Affiliated Hospitals Not Found.
  • 20 plus years my doctor.I could not have found a better one
  • I see so many people posting negative stuff about doctors, doctors are people too. They make mistakes and no one is perfect. I honestly prefer a doctor that knows his limitations and can relate to you as a person. Dr. Cheeks can.. I have been his patient for more than 20 years. He delivered my first child when I was 16 on the same day that his OWN daughter was born and drove back and forth between different hospitals to make sure we were both taken care of. NOthing screams care like that. He jus...
  • never again will I subject myself to such a person for treatment
  • Please find another physician. You will be glad you made the effort to keep looking.
  • Your humor and compliments don't add up with the job you did. Just because your nice to your costumers does not mean you can persuade them with a bad job. When the implants short and in the bad place it stays that way. There's no way to fix it! What was the purpose of me coming back the second time? For a five star place. I expected to come once not more than once to fix a stupid problem.I now have two deep wrinkles on both sides along with stretch marks.Every time I would leave the house people...
  • I don't usually post this kind of stuff, but I would like to get the word out so no other woman has to be treated badly by this doctor how I was treated today. My appointment was at 1:30 with Dr. Mcleod in Hinvesville for GYN and was told to come a little before that to do paperwork so I got there about 1:15. The doctor didn't arrive until 2:30 comes strolling in eating Mcdonalds. Still waiting waiting waiting.. 3pm they finally call me back, sitting in there waiting again. I am undressed waitin...
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