Dr. Krupa A Shah, MD

Female 56 years

Dr. Krupa A Shah, MD

Family Practice     -  California,  San Pedro
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  • Family Practice

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  • I wish the last person leaving a review would have elaborated.
    20 November 2015, 07:24
  • I am very pleased with the care I have gotten from Dr. Hare. She is very kind and caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable with her. Could not ask for a more pleasant experience with a doctor.
    08 October 2015, 03:12
  • Dr. Brunson's wife is the administrative office manager. She is the most uncaring, inconsiderate, and definitely the mascot for terrible customer service. He is a mild mannered knowledgeable doctor but he would be a lot more successful without her managing his office. Patients are not advise is to find another doctor's office where the medical staff and office staff both care about their patients....
    28 September 2015, 09:29