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Optometry     -  Ohio,  Mansfield
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  • Dr. Zigman is an great doctor that I had seen many times in the past. Having recently moved back to the area I went to see him well as scheduling appointments for my family. What was not normal, I experienced close to an hour wait time, the staff was also rude to me. One particular pair of eyeglasses I liked and asked whom the maker of the frames where, I was told "they would not write down the Frame or the Manufacture, only on my chart". I paid for my office visit, but wa...
    26 June 2015, 04:28
  • Dr. Culp has always given me the best, caring exam. I was without insurance and tried another office where had a coupon. I went back to Dr. Culp to get a correct prescription. He has always been upfront and honest with me about my needs. He listens and cares to give you his best. thank you Dr. Culp!...
    17 June 2015, 05:41
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Lee's for many years and she has always been very caring, thorough and knowledgeable. I completely trust Dr Lee's expertise in optometry healthcare.
    13 September 2014, 07:42