Dr. Jeremy C Strom, MD
Dr. Jeremy C Strom, MD

Dr. Jeremy C Strom, MD

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Internal Medicine  in  Kansas ,  Kansas City
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Primary specialty Internal Medicine
Secondary specialty Pediatrics
State License: Kansas

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University Of Kansas Medical Center 3901 Rainbow
Kansas (KS),
Kansas City,

(913) 588-6050


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  • dr poggi was awsome! I can't believe my results! I checked out 3 other doctors and not one was as thorough as Dr Poggi was. He and his staff treated me like I was a VIP! :) Love them and would recommend them to anyone wanting a great, caring doctor.
  • Sometimes I need more time to get out what i need to said.
  • I waited over 1 hour past my scheduled appt. & there were still 6 more patients after me waiting. She left door open on previous patients & you could hear everything, including how she was terminated from 1 nursing home & then complained about the management of that home. I had worked at this facility before & I found her comments not only out of line, but wrong. She didn't clean exam table between patients & I refused to sit on table because of that. She diagnosed me wit...
  • Horrible! Save yourself the time & stress & stay away from this doctor & the staff at PCA! This is by far the worse experience of my life! My most recent visit I was left in the waiting room for an hour and 33 min. The medical assistant threw a blood pressure cuff at the wall & drug it out if the room when I expressed how upset I was that I missed 2 1/2 hours of work and told me "if I have a problem talk to the dr" & slammed the door. I came home from out out town a...
  • Dr Hegazi didn't bother to read the new patient forms I'd completed and came into the room and announced his diagnosis without listening to anything I had to say. When I disputed his diagnosis he began sneering at me and was extremely abusive. I begged and pleaded with him and broke down crying but he wouldn't listen and after 15 minutes left the room. A year later I discovered he'd falsified my chart stating he'd examined me when he hadn't, I was calm and composed and the only thing I wanted wa...
  • Don't recommend. Stay away. Bad experience. Poor bedside manner :(
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