Dr. Jean A Otrakji, MD
Dr. Jean A Otrakji, MD

Specializes in Nephrology, Male, 64 years

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Nephrology - Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine
Secondary specialty Internal Medicine - Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine
State License: New Jersey
Years Since Graduation: 38
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721 North Beers Street Suite 1F, New Jersey, NJ Holmdel, 7733

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  • I saw Dr. Chen on April 21, 2014 for a 15-minute consult. I was charged $325. When I called Cathy Ann, his receptionist, she said that I should have researched the costs of visiting a "specialist" before I came in because they are not allowed to discuss fees at the time of the visit. FIFTEEN minutes! He did nothing but ask my family history, order bloodwork, and ask for medical records. This is exactly the kind of greed that is wrong with this country's medical system....
    03 June 2014, 09:15
  • Dr. Hom and her staff provided caring service through all aspects of my appointment. knowledgeable, caring and understanding.
    11 December 2013, 05:31
  • She saved my life. I was brought into the ICU with kidney failure, that was making my heart slow down. My heart nearly stopped. Her decisive treatment in the ICU saved my kidneys, and my life. She is brilliant.
    24 August 2013, 07:40
  • He took his time to answer all my questions. Good bed side manner. I would recommend him to a friend.
    05 August 2013, 06:24
  • I was referred to Nephrologist dr. Toby Gottheiner because my urine has become foamy and colorless. Dr G learned my family's history of kidney disease, but was unconcerned. He assured me that there's 'nothing wrong' with my kidneys. He did not order any tests to clarify what's going on. I went back to my primary care doctor, who is really great. He ordered an additional test of urine osmolality with fluid restriction for 12-14 hours. That test came clearly abnormal: 372 mOsm/Kg with the normal...
    02 August 2013, 12:52
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