Janet N Runnion, RN


Janet N Runnion, RN

Nursing (RN)   -  Montana,  Box Elder
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  • I had 4 visits with Jane Bradshaw. She spent the first 2 visits sorting out insurance information and getting to know us. Jane tried to sell us breast pumps, vitamin supplements, herbs and much more. We bought a couple of them, but after a while it became uncomfortable as she would sell us more for every suggestion she made. We continued for 2 more visits to see if it would get better but ended up wasting our time....
    06 November 2013, 05:55
  • Awesome when no one else could figure out my son's medications. Spends as much time as is necessary listening to my concerns even though we were reluctant to have our son on medication. Great communication with pediatrician and even heart specialist. Joanne up front is so caring and will find a way to get us in ASAP when we need to!...
    07 September 2013, 03:28
  • She diagnosed me after 5 minutes with a disporder that doesn't actually exist. She tried to medicate me with insufficient information.
    07 May 2013, 07:51