Dr. James A Saadi, MD

Male 72 years

Dr. James A Saadi, MD

Neurosurgery   -  Illinois,  Chicago
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  • He lied about everything and I had a witness with me. He saw me in a house, NOT an office.
    12 June 2015, 08:15
  • Communicated very well - I felt reassured that I was in good hands for my operation.Operation went great.
    08 March 2015, 09:15
  • Run away .... ""doctor "" ignored patient requests and created permanent nerve damage. Guy has a god complex. I had attorneys waiting to settle as i left the hospital from a outpatient procedure .. This was done through the Veterans Admin at a private hospital. I have been unable to locate this man - he relocated following the incident.. cannot find to do a proper lawsuit. and all files have been denied or unavailable to the facility. Jeff Brow .. ...
    07 January 2015, 02:34