Forrest W Shed, OD
Forrest W Shed, OD

Forrest W Shed, OD

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Optometry    in  Oklahoma ,  Norman
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Primary specialty Optometry
State License: Oklahoma

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4405 Warrington Way
Oklahoma (OK),

(405) 366-1918


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1   Multiplan PPO
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  • Ever heard the remark, "I owe my life to him"? Slight exaggeration on any of our part but, I can state the response and add with God's help, Dr. Reiter has kept me going over 15 years. Sending other patients to him is just about impossible at this date, patients do not leave him. Med care under him and his staff is of the most importance. We are very grateful to him, proud to speak freely....
  • He saved my leg when the best Higher up DR.messed up surgery..You can always tell the best by the way nurses treat the DR.They love him.great Dr.
  • He severely neglected my care, was wrongful in his lack of concern or attempt at determining that something was horribly wrong. His lack of knowledge in recognizing problems, taking the time to ask questions or do an examination is unforgivable. He cost me two years of ongoing pain and misery, which could still result in life long damage. Do not go to him under any circumstances....
  • Dr. Stephen K Ofori plated and fused my neck in Sacramento Calif in 1999 after 1 follow up appt he abruptly left town. I have had severe chronic neck pain since the surgery. I feel abandon and I've had no idea where Dr. Ofori was until I saw this site and found he is still working on people. I WOULD NOT LET DR STEPHEN K. OFORI TOUCH MY DOG !...
  • This lady Doctor acted as if she were on drugs or something and did not act professional. While I waited in a waiting room, they had a pizza party in the office
  • She didn't listen to my needs, and gave me a tiny bottle of cream that lasted a day, then said, well if you want more then you have to pay $300 dollars. That was with insurance. Staff has bad phone manners and they text message while working
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