Dr. Farid T Fata, MD
Dr. Farid T Fata, MD

Specializes in Oncology, 45 years

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DO not believe every thing you are hearing on the news and reading about him the negative things. I am hear to tell you that he saved me from a GI bleed. He saved me from becoming anemic and from having to have iron treatments later on. He saved my sister from getting iron over load. He learned why I was getting sick so much. He also learnded reason behind my blood not coming out like it should. He learned what was causing some of my other issues and he also stop them from torturing me so much in the hospitals and in other labs. He also would not run labs if he had the reports or knew they had just been ran. He knew no reason to if he had the evedince infront of him. He sat down and explain things step by step. He came in to the hospital when he was off to tell me what wAS GOING on and no he did not bill my insurance he either. But he talk to the doctors on the case and explained things. By doing so saved me from some medications and having other issues from occurring.

15 November 2013, 05:43
United States

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  • I am very pleased with the care and concern and professionalism displayed by Dr. Seymour!
    19 February 2015, 12:20
    18 February 2015, 02:02
  • Why am I not allowed to give no stars? I'm going to keep this short so I don't have to relive my experience with this "doctor". I was treated useless. He mocked me for even being there. He refused additional labs on me, stating he "just knew I was fine". (Meanwhile I'm seeing another Dr. who completely disagrees and is HELPING me.) I was talked to like I had no business there. He is MEAN, condescending and egotistical. DO NOT SEE THIS "DOCTOR". He doesn't deserve ...
    20 October 2014, 03:59
  • I can't say enough about the outstanding care I received from Dr. Hetelekidis and the whole Radiation Oncology team at Fairfax Hospital. I always felt that I was in the most capable hands. They were really respectful of my time and scheduling needs as we'll. The staff is professional and incredibly compassionate. They made a difficult situation the best it could be....
    01 August 2014, 12:20
  • Careless, unprofessional ,nurse , dr Hass and radiologist should be fired
    12 November 2013, 08:26
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