Dr. Enrique Murciano, MD
Dr. Enrique Murciano, MD

Specializes in Pain Medicine, Male

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Pain Medicine
State License: Florida
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6333 Sunset Drive, Florida, FL Miami, 33143

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1. BCBS Blue Card PPO
2. United Health Care
4. Humana
5. Cigna
6. Wellpoint
7. NHP Commercial
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  • Very knowledgeable and helpful. He completely resolved my mother's pain.
    30 March 2015, 10:52
  • Nice man but poor Dr , its his way or the highway. doesn't matter if you already had 10 shots in the same area and they didn't work , as soon as I disagreed on a shot he wanted to do ,I was dropped. This is Florida, God help you if you need pain meds.
    05 March 2015, 05:53
  • This is a great doctor who really cares about his patients. Dr. Persaud was kind and spent time to listen to me. I would definitely recommend him.
    26 February 2015, 02:44
  • The best pain doctor, he listen to his patient and he really care
    21 February 2015, 04:29
  • There is a one significant issue with Dr. Cortazzo. She meets with you once and then you will be treated by the PA every signal appointment after that. Most of the time the PA (Victoria Chazin) treats patients as if the are all drug addicts looking for a fix rather than reducing pain. They also have you complete a very long questionnaire on a tablet rather than converse with you about how things are going. Both Cortazzo and Chazin have no idea what is like to have chronic pain. They lack e...
    25 December 2014, 02:25
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