Dr. Doina M Saxman, MD
Dr. Doina M Saxman, MD

Dr. Doina M Saxman, MD

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Family Practice  in  Kentucky ,  Paintsville
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Primary specialty Family Practice
State License: Kentucky

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941 Broadway Street
Kentucky (KY),

(606) 788-1020


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  • Would not recommend this office at all ever ever ever.
  • very easy to talk to; very intelligent; very knowledgeable i highly recommend
  • do not go to this doctor, he cares more about office politics and pleasing his boss, then he cares about his patients.
  • this man should not be a doctor, he cares more about office politics and pleasing his boss, then he cares about treating his patients.
  • Dr. Chami was very atentative to all our concerns! He never seems to be in a hurry & always answers any questions we have! He is a down to earth doctor, 1 that will explain things that a lay person can understand, not like a few we have come incontact with. I would recommend him to anyone ! His staff at Elizabethtown is Wonderful!!...
  • This physician should have his license revoked. He is not only a rude, overbearing human being, but a "known pill pusher". Check his background - The American Medical Association presents the facts.
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