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  • Very efficient and pleasant staff. Dr. Najerian answered numerous questions, was very informative and easy to understand. Felt comfortable.
    06 March 2014, 10:56
  • Doctor explained and showed to me what kind of injury I have and how that effect my life. The way he talked to me I fully understood what is going on. He all so talk to me about my treatment options.
    15 January 2014, 02:12
  • Please stand up for yourself and stop these kind of Doctors from writing anything they want. Make them accountable.Well just to let you all know I have finally got some “Truth” even though the State of Michigan Bureau of Health Care Services did not agree with me the first time it seems the State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services dose agree that under MCL 500.2088 that the incorrect IME report submitted by Dr. Sczcienski about my medical condition nee...
    22 October 2013, 05:14